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Individuals and Families

Confused by those codes when preparing your own taxes? Need specialized advice to make sure your tax returns are accurate? If you get audited will your tax software or seasonal franchised tax preparers support you? If you’ve tried software or large chain tax preparation services, chances are, you are missing out.

If you have had unpleasant experience with tax services that don’t treat you like an individual, please contact AP Consulting Inc., a professional tax preparation firm, and see how we can help. At AP Consulting, we combine the experience of professionally trained Enroll Agents (EAs) with the personalized care of a boutique tax firm, and our clients benefit from our understanding that preparing taxes is not just about data entry. Each client works directly with one of our tax professionals, who will analyze every case on an individual basis to make sure that taxes are filed properly and legally. We work thoroughly with you to make sure that you get the best and most accurate refund to which you are entitled.

To discuss your tax questions or issues with our tax professionals right away, or for assistance with your income tax preparation and consultation, please contact us at our office, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Call us at (617) 674-4000, or instantly schedule a tax preparation appointment online at your convenience. You will receive a response from us within minutes.

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